How to Quiet a LOUD hard drive?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Digerati, Dec 15, 2001.

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    After tolerating the ridiculously loud noise that my computer makes, I finally decided to hunt down the culprits. By process of elimination I determined that at least 60% if not more of the noise coming from my computer came from my primary master hadrdrive, a Maxtor 20gb 7200rpm ata100 drive. The high pitched noise that constantly comes from the drive is most of what I hear despite having a quality Antec case. All the other components in my computer contribute little compared to this one drive.

    Even my 15gb westerndigital 7200rpm ata66 drive is quiet compared to the maxtor.

    A system I built for my brother using a western digital 40gb 5400rpm ata66 drive is a whisper compared to my maxtor.

    So I guess my question is why is the drive so loud? is it because it's a maxtor or a 7200rpm drive? and is there anyway I can quiet this drive down?

    The drive works great, just too noisy.

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    have you checked the maxtor web site for any firmware updates I had similair issues with a Quantium SCSI hard disk that just needed new firmware... this is the download section from maxtor and here you will find a utiltiy to adujst the drives sound.... hope this helps Click Here
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    My drive, the IBM Deskstar 75gxp (or something similar) has a downloadable application which has made my drive completely silent, which often still makes me think it has locked up!
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    In most cases, hard drive noise is caused by the mechanical parts in the drive. There is probably no real way to quiet only the drive. A good way to quiet the comptuer as a whole is to pad the case with Dynamat. Go to They supplies sound-resistant case insulation and when placed according to the instructions will reduce the noice of your computer by up to 10db.

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