How To Open Ports For Xp Firewall & Messenger??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Black_Pride, May 22, 2002.

  1. Black_Pride

    Black_Pride OSNN Addict

    Does anyone know how to specify which ports to open in messenger?

    I cannot receive files and its crazy because i can send them with no problem.

    Even when I disable the XP firewall i still cannot receive files.

    If it is not the ports then someone please suggest something....its making me crazy.

    Thanks!!:( :( :(
  2. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    Need more info, are you behind a router?
  3. Black_Pride

    Black_Pride OSNN Addict

    I am a single user on my PC in my home. I am not on a network and not behind a router. I am connected to the net via Bellsouth ADSL on a USB Modem. I am convinced I messed with a setting some months back and screwed up my ability to receive files thru messenger. Its very strange. I have even reinstalled XP to no avail.

    I can SEND files in MSN but not receive.
    I can RECEIVE files in ICQ but not send.....


    any suggestions anyone?
  4. NetRyder

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    New York City
    Hey, I have the same problem. Windows Messenger can send files, but can't receive.
    I'm behind a router, but it doesn't work even when the firewall is disabled!!
    Can anybody help?

  5. weazel

    weazel Guest

    im behind a router /firewall i had that problem too i solved it by opening port 80 in messanger and also letting that port in my router settings. port 80 is a web port try the samn thing in icq
  6. InfiniteZ

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    Is it dangerous to open port 80 for incoming, besides being able to transfer files via MSN, because I want to see this work behind my FR314 NetGear Router.
  7. [CpK]Bastid

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  8. InfiniteZ

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    MSN Messenger
    (Watch Out! Opens a wide port range!)
    NOTE: Shut off any personal firewall programs such as BlackIce, ZoneAlarm, etc.
    Ports 6891-6900 enable File send,
    Port 6901 is for voice communications
    Allows Voice, PC to Phone, Messages, and Full File transfer capabilities.
    Thnx to Brad King & Bill Finch Jr.
    IN TCP 6891 - 6900
    IN TCP 1863
    IN UDP 1863
    IN UDP 5190
    IN UDP 6901
    IN TCP 6901


    And also, if this port is open and you are transferring a file is it possible for the receiver to see your true IP? Because, I was able to catch anothers IP by using netstat -an while transferring a file from one pc to another. BUT, not behind a firewall. I would try this now, but Im not home.

    :p hehehe