How To give NON-Admins Permission to update Win XP??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tmsnake1, Dec 17, 2003.

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    This one has been blowing my mind for weeks.
    What I need to do is grant all my users access to the Windows Update site. Right now, when they try to update windows they get the "You need to be an Administrator Error"
    I, the Administrator can update anytime I want because I have the built in rights of course. What Rights/Security/Permission must I give non-admin users so that they too can update windows without being an actual Administrator.

    Thanks a Bunch!
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    Someone Must know how to do this?
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    Since an update can fix/replace/patch any number of files, I would think that you would need full Admin rights. I suppose you could try to give everyone write access to the Windows directory and access to whatever application runs when update is running...
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    You can accomplish this by using the Software Update Service (formally Microsoft Catalog Corporate). It works by allowing the computer to automatically download and install updates at the system level regardless of who is logged in. So, essentially it will download the files automatically and whenever a user (admin or non-admin) logs in, they will be presented with the Automatic Download icon (the restart button is greyed, but there is a timer set to auto restart if it has to) that will allow them to download and install updates. You can read more about it at
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    THANK YOU!!! :)