How to get the cpu ussage as background?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by kuvve, Dec 30, 2001.

  1. kuvve

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    I've seen many desktop pics of u guys and noticed that u have a background of the cpu usage and system temperature as background...can someone help me out by telling how to do that? thx..
  2. DrX

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    its called coolinfo
  3. kuvve

    kuvve Guest

    ok thanks...
    but cant seem to get the temperature to display in celsius..and the fahrenheit display shows 32 all the time..

  4. MiseryQ

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    In order to get the temps and fan speeds you nedd motherboard monitor installed... Youy don't have to use it just have it installede... Although it did'nt work for me... Think I'll try it again...
  5. kuvve

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    well I did what u said but still the temperature is the same..
    still cant get out of this:)
  6. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    I tried a newer version of MotherBoard Monitor and it wouldn't work for me. You can download a slightly older version (5.09) here. The program size was too big to attach as one file so i had to rar it down to fit the attachment limitation of the forum. Download mbm.rar from this post. Then download mbm.r00 and mbm.r01 from the following two posts.

    Just make sure you install and configure mmb first. Then you can configure coolinfo the way you like.

    For my temperatures to display both Celcius and Farenheit, my script it set up like this:

    CPU Temp: <NAME=Temp3 FORMAT="f">ºF | <NAME=Temp3 FORMAT="c">ºC
    MB Temp: <name=temp2 format="f">ºF | <name=temp2 format="c">ºC
    SYS Temp: <NAME=Temp1 format="f">ºF | <NAME=Temp1 format="c">ºC

    which gives me this affect:


    First mbm file:
  7. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    rename this file to "mbm.r00." I couldn't upload it with it's original extension.

    Second mbm file:
  8. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Last File and final note. Rename this one to "mbm.r01." You don't have to have mbm running in the background to run coolinfo, but it does need to be configured properly before it will display your temperatures. Have fun :D
  9. MiseryQ

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    Thanks Lonman... That fixed my problem... The version I had was 5102... It did'nt work at all with my motherboard... Any ideas why?!?
  10. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    coolinfo reads information from a certain .dll in mbm. I think the newer versions are designed differently.
  11. kuvve

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    thx it works now took me some time to set evetyhing up but it worked out anyway...thanks for all the help:)
  12. ZipTriX

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    Just so you know.....

    IF you run the newer version of CoolMon, you'll have to install the newer version of Motherboard Monitor, and the newer .dll file.

    CoolMon version 87
    Motherboard Moniter 5102

    Those are what I use.
  13. hey that for the mobo info i use and ike coolinfo :D

    AlecStaar i think most people know that the OS gives u the info , but i also know most people like cool things i know i Do that why people download and use the little program :D .. im not FLAMEING U im just stating my point of view !! :D
  14. ZipTriX

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    You sound snobbish, Alec

    I have never had the program crash on me once.

    My personal opinion:

    I think it is wrong to flame someone else for their concept or works. If you think it is so bad then design something better to prove that it is "erroneously made hunk of junk". At least give them credit for what they have done, because alot of people do use it and like it.
  15. pc_tek

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    lol.. feel the testosterone


    To be honest, as arrogant as alec can sound sometimes.. i do take his word on this one. i ran that program yesterday, it sucked! All my temps ran 32 degrees F... lol i KNOW thats not the case. No fan speeds read at all... and there was something else that didnt work (cant remember). I threw it right in the recycle bin.

    I like CPUCool myself. works well.
  16. ZipTriX

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    Does taskmanager sit on my desktop with transparency? Nope
    Do I have have to hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete do view this info with coolmon? Nope
    Does taskmanager show my tempartures (even if not accurate, it's an idea)? Nope

    You haven't proved anything to me about how crappy this program is. I believe that people boosted your esteem with the registry program. Yet, that is my point of view or my opinion.

    What the hell is that?


    Please show me where it tells me the fan speeds or the tempartures.

    I don't know anything about programming, so your points of view about the coding are worthless to me. Therefore you haven't proved anything. You "bashing" someone's work is showing me "poor sportsmanship" if you would call it that. All I see about your opinions on other programs is they are crap or what not. Are you alway this negative to people in the same field of interest as you?
  17. pc_tek

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    when coolinfo is in the system tray right click it... menu will popup... choose the top option ( i believe it was display options)... it will give you options for temp and fans there.
  18. ZipTriX

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    Ummm you have to open Motherboard Monitor and mess with the settings there. All my temps read 32 too, UNTIl I messed with the settings. Just open MBM, set the settings, then close MBM, open CoolInfo(Mon) and that is it. It tells you that.
  19. ZipTriX

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    Glad I don't support you or your program. Hate to invest in arrogance.
  20. ZipTriX

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    To make this blunt.

    You talk alot of shit about a program that they made. You have, yet, made a program to outdue Coolmon. Who cares what you did past about telling them to outdue your 24 programs. Oh well I guess all that matters if you know your arrogantand try to make your stuff seem better then others.