HOW TO delete your service pack files

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    Only if you need some space on your hardrive please, otherwise there's no reason to perform this exercise.

    the service packs have been in for a while....if you're sure you're not going to remove the service packs or hot fixes, you can either delete or copy the uninstalls files tp a's how;

    first, it's nice to know that some of the updates already remove obsolete files from previous updates on their own

    first, realize you don't want to delete the actual Hot fixes that are still listed, just the uninstall files

    here's how you delete the uninstall files. Once you are sure you will keep the Service Pack

    The files might be hidden, so you have to to show key+e, hit TOOLS, then FOLDER OPTIONS, then VIEW, then "Show hidden files and folders"...hit OK

    now, Go to C:\WINDOWS and delete "$NTServicePackUinistall$" should be about 240 mb...the you can go to the Add/Remove Programs.

    hit the Service Packs one at a time...each time there's gonnal be an error since you just deleted the file....Click YES to delete the shortcut, done, good to go

    do that again to delete the uninstall files for the all the updates if you need the space

    The hot fix uninstalls look like this;

    "$NTUninstall (something or other)

    there are a bunch of those if you've been prudent with the updates

    if you have the file "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download" which may or may not be there depending on how the service pack was installed, you can deleted too.

    DON'T DELETE "C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles".
    That file protects the integrity of the service packs IF YOU REALLY NEED THE HARDRIVE AREA, you can burn this file to CD, but don't think about doing that if you have the room to keep it.

    NOW, DON'T EMPTY YOUR RECYCLE BIN for a week or two....just in case