How to change taskbar color ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by totoru, May 21, 2002.

  1. totoru

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    Hi !

    I'm using the original theme (blue) and like it but Is there anyway I can change the taskbar color without change theme or using window blind and stylexp ?

    Thanx for your time and advice !
  2. pothitos

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    I think you have to hack luna.msstyle but i don't know how you do it...............................maybe in reshacker but i don't even think it will open that file.
  3. pothitos

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    Ok, open up resource hacker and set the file type to all files. Then go to c:\Winows\Resources\Themes\Luna (Where C:\ is the letter of your hard drive windows is installed on, and Windows maybe WINNT)and in there will be a file called Luna.msstyles. Open it and expand bitmaps, then head down to BLUE_TASKBARBACKGROUND_BMP. Expand it.
    Open 1033 and you should see a small blue square that looks like the taskbar, but only a small section of it. Right click on 1033 and select replace resource, put whatever file you want in.

    Hope this works.