how to change product key in windows xp pro

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by husk24, Sep 9, 2002.

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    could somebody tell me how to change the key in windows xp pro please

    step by step instructions would be appreciated
    i have the corp edition

    one more question - can i use a xp pro key in a corporate version of windows?


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    well in reply to ur second question yes u can use a legal XP Pro key on a corp version the only thing is after that it ain't a corp version no more its a regular XP Pro as u would have to active it
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    Check PM answers to all of your questions.

    As to why I think we all know why????
    could be warezed corp edtition and wants to install SP1.


    Also I tried to change my corp edition to a retail legally purchased product key and with out chnging the PID in windows it wouldn't except it. OH well reformat and clean install for me, was planning to do it once SP1 came out anyway.

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    So sad to see you're still in the warez arena !