how to change .avi or divx format to DVD - ?

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  1. do i need any hardware to change a avi or divx into a DVD format (i nknow a dvd burner) but anything eles, is there any software i need and such things like that
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    I converted a few divx movies into DVD awhile ago... I think I started
    HERE . I think the actual program I used was TNPGenc. Check out the software download section.

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    It's called TMPGEnc. For details how to convert click here.

    Checkout for all you converting needs.

    Be warned though - it takes about 2-3 hours to encode 1hr 30mins worth of *.avi

    Just follow the steps though and you should be able to convert your "home movies" to watch on your standalone DVD player. Check to see if your player is compatible to read VCDs/CDRs etc though.
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    Your best bet is to use avisynth as a frameserver then Cinema Craft Encoder. Its a hell of a lot faster than tmpenc and gives better results - most divx movies I download tend to be 23.976 fps so youll need to convert it to either pal or ntsc. Use besweet to convert the audio and the following avisynth script for the video

    Avisource("avi source in here")#NTSCsource
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    P.s. forgot to mention check out for great straight forward guides and most of the utils your gonna need