How to catch Chicks!!!!

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    There was a little boy out walking one day, with a roll of chicken wire over his arm. As he walked by this big house, He saw an old man on the front porch.
    The man says to the boy, "Where are you going with that chicken wire?"
    The boy says, "To catch chickens!"
    The man says, "You can't catch chickens with chicken wire!"
    After a couple of hours the boy returns with a dozen chickens on the wire.
    The man was amazed and the asked the boy for his secret. He did not reveal it.
    The next day, the same boy walked by the same man, but now with duct tape over his arm.
    "Where you going with that duct tape boy?" asks the old man.
    "To catch ducks!" says the boy.
    The old man replies "You can't catch ducks with duct tape!"
    "Just you wait and see!" says the boy.
    A few hours later, he returns with ducks lined up along the tape.
    Again the old man was amazed and really wanted the secret.
    The next day, when the boy walks by again, the old man says, "Where you going with that stick?"
    The boy says, "This ain't no stick, this here is a pussy willow."
    The old man says, "Wait here so I can grab my hat and I'll be right with ya!"
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    lol nice one Kirrie. nice as always :)
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