how to apply this sourcecode?

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  1. Bretenn

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    ok... i got a problem with ctrl alt del on win98 machines

    how can i prevent ppl from pressing ctrl alt del b4 the windows boot up? do this can be done when booting the win98?

    i got sourcecode of those , but just dunno how to apply it....
    for e.g.

    program small;
    {written by">Richard Leigh, Deakin Univesity}

    uses WinProcs;

    {$R *.RES}

    Dummy : integer;

    Dummy := 0;
    {Disable ALT-TAB}
    SystemParametersInfo( SPI_SETFASTTASKSWITCH, 1, @Dummy, 0);
    {Disable CTRL-ALT-DEL}
    SystemParametersInfo( SPI_SCREENSAVERRUNNING, 1, @Dummy, 0);

    how can i apply this sourcecode?
  2. Swi

    Swi gningnegneur

    only a supposition, but make it executable and start it as a service so that it starts the moment windows does.
    I'm not sure of the method to create a new service but I'm sure it's easily findable on google or (technet or else)
  3. Bretenn

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    i know how to start the services... but the prob is i can end task the services as well!!
    hmm..... i hate win98
  4. drahzar

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    Check out, i got a script from there that makes the computer think a screensaver is running. no alt tab, ctrl alt delete, ctrl esc or anything. dont remember exactly what its called, just search for disable alt tab or something
  5. dave holbon

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    Years ago when DOS was the king (no security) it used to be possible to load what used to be called a keyboard “re-mappers”. This was a small piece of code loaded into memory when the Autoexe.bat and Config.sys file loaded. This changed the keyboard mappings using assembler (now a no-no). Perform a Gogle search for ones available for 98 or whatever. This will not stop a user just re-direct them to a safer place. If you know hat you are doing you can change your BIOS to have the same effect.

  6. dave holbon

    dave holbon Moderator

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    Duplicate sorry