how professional is XP Pro?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Marv, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. Marv

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    I bought Win XP Pro because I want the best (therefore I also have a Mac). I also know Win 2000 which was a very reasonable system. Very agile and professional. Especially with protocols and networking Win 2000 was very good. But I was really shook up about the fact that most networking-protocols in Win XP were just trown out!
    Reading the networking-thread on this bulletinboard, more and more people have problems connecting Win XP with other Windows systems and Macs.

    Windows XP Professional is ONLY good when you run only XP in your network. NO macs, NO 98, NO me, NO nothing.
    How can we, users and buyers of this system, wake up Microsoft-programmers just to make all of the Win 2000-protocols for Win XP? How can we, users and buyers of Win XP, make Microsoft realise that there are users and buyers who wants to have the freedom to connect to the world?

    They used to say that Windows was a virus with a manual, but Windows XP is more a game of solitaire.

    Please programmers, make those protocols.. please....
  2. Howling Wolf

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    No prob for me to connect my work pc to the lan (NTServer and win98/2k stations) using tcp/ip... But yes, where is Netbeui ? Good question !
  3. LightWave

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    All Windows platforms should work with Xp in a network...its just how you configure it..

    Yes---i had some problems ..finding windows 98 and ME machines in a network..all because of the integrated firewall in XP--

    And dont need the Netbeui...what for anyway?

  4. AndyP

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    No problems here either, if you REALLY need Netbeui, it is on your XP-Pro disc, in a folder there:)
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    u just got to know how to wet it up m8... its easier to setup in XP then in 2000...


    P.S. the only problem is ICS with a MAC... hoping there will be a prog released by MS... *highly doubt it though... going to have to use 3rd party software like Winproxy - which i would like it add is #£%$! :)
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    Im using WinXP Pro and my "little" network is connected to my main computer. Everything is Win98 SE and Redhat Linux is able to connect and access the internet.

    So no problems, don't know about Mac though.
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    what kinda question was that?? :D