how much thermal goo to use?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by krmanning, Nov 15, 2002.

  1. krmanning

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    This is probably a dumb question, but how much thermal compound should I put between my CPU and heatsink/fan? My last processor/fan came with a little thermal pad thingy that seems to work OK, so I didn't have to bother with it then.

    the system I'm putting together:
    Athlon 2000
    Soyo Dragon KT400
    256 MB PC2700 DDR
    Chaintech GF4 4200 64MB
    WD 60GB 7200 rpm hard drive
    on board sound and lan
  2. Nick M

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    A small drop nicely spread out with a razor; or something with a flat, thin edge.
  3. 2z

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  4. Nick M

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    A really good guide. Agreed :D Use that!
  5. Burpster

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    baaaah....i just put a little on slapped the HS and fan on and it runs nice and cool

    Volcano 7 with Hi-Med-Lo switch run from hardcano

    and if it does burn out whocares.....a 2200XP is cheap :)
  6. Nick M

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    For you! I'd love for you to go out and get me one of those! I can't afford anything else then my Xp 1900. High School sucks.
  7. Grymblayd

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    In regard to High School sucking......enjoy it now !
    Sometimes I wish I could go back.
    Of course at my age fitting in would be even more of a problem.
  8. cruiser78

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    lol.... fitting in.. true....
    but agreed on the going back... i just graduated last year and am now working in a lumber mill.... good money but not very "mentally stimulating"... although i do plan on going back to school in a year or two.... but once your out you realize how good high school really was.