How many MP3 Albums have you got ?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by zman, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. zman

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    We share a lot of things at college on the LAN of about 40,000 PC's

    I have about 65GB of MP3's - FULL albums

    And I own about 6 Music CD's

    How many MP3 you got ?

    How many Music CD'd have you actually bought ?

  2. BuZTaH

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    i up.. back when i had my old comp i bought tooooons of cds.. liek 2 grand worth.. now im tryin to sell them on ebay n id be lucky if i got 600 bux outa em.. but i got a 56k connection too.. i dont got that many mp3s.. if full albums were easier to download like in zip files id have alot.. i got like 3k mp3s right now.. where do u get ur full albums from?
  3. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    I like so much Pantera ( anyone like those guys ? ) !
    My collection on HDD is over 250 mp3 but my network friend ( a rocker too ) has almost 120 -130 mp3 cd's , sounds great isn't it ( for me of course :D )?
  4. patrickjp

    patrickjp Guest

    over 450
  5. npfanz

    npfanz Guest

    I have about 4 gigs of mp3s I downloaded (1k songs). In my old computer (a laptop, I now have a desktop), I had about 15 gigs. That doesn't make much sense...

    I have probably 200 cds I don't listen to, and 40 or so that I actually have with me. All of them are on my hd in .mp3 format. The internet is great for getting a song or two from an album that on the whole sucks. When I find a truly great artist (and there are maybe 5 of them) I'll buy their music. MP3s are a great way to find those artists though.
  6. Device

    Device Guest

    I have about 200 legally bought cd's. And on my harddisk I have about 20 full albums. Besides that dozens of b-sides and bootlegs, which are Mostly from Radiohead, Tool and Deftones.

    I'm always looking for new talent too and when I find something worth listening too I d/l as much as I can find of it and if it's really good (like Dredg), I go to my cd-store and get the album.
  7. max

    max Guest

    i only d/load full albums also

    have about 60 i guess and about 30 Bought CD's
  8. dreamliner77

    dreamliner77 The Analog Kid

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    Just checked and I have 17, 421 mp3 files

    In addition to about 700 cd's

    You could say I'm a music junkie

    btw, I'm always looking for rare and live Pink Floyd or Rush Material
  9. jamichel2000

    jamichel2000 Guest

    MP3 Full Albums

    I have about 700 MP3 Full Albums. I do some ripping with MusicMatch at VBR for the rate with 100% Compression and put all mp3's on CD's. I can not put a lot of Full Albums on one CD but it is between 7 and 12 albums on each of them. I have for now 101 burned CD's with mp3's Full Albums only and looking to get more.

    I'm a music fan and a musician. I listen to all kind of music and I really don't like getting my songs on the web so I ripped them and keep them around.
  10. dreamliner77

    dreamliner77 The Analog Kid

    Red Sox Nation
    oh yeah, thanks for the music match mention... IMO this is one of the best, easiest programs to use to rip.