How many case fans?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by UofEEE, May 30, 2002.

  1. UofEEE

    UofEEE Guest

    I'm not an overclocker by any means. I just want my case to be halfway quiet, but cool the cpu well. I currently have one fan, but will swap out the fan with (maybe) the Vantec Stealth (any suggestions on fans?) and how many should I use? 1 or 2? I will be running

    Athlon XP 1900+
    ASUS A7V333
    512 Megs Samsung DDR
    Enermax 350 W Dual Fan Power Supply

  2. Jewelzz

    Jewelzz OSNN Godlike Veteran

    I have 3 fans, 1 that takes are in from the front, 1 blowing out in the back and 1 on/near my mobo. There's always so much going on in my house that I can't hear my computer or I'm immune it :D
  3. boxman

    boxman Guest

    I went a little gonzo with the cooling. I dremeled the back of my case 80mm to fit in a 120, dremeled the front for dual 80mm's instead of 1, , 80mm mounted in 2 5 1/4 bays to coll HDD's, an 80 mm blowhole fan, 80 on the back and an 92 in the bottom of the PS. And the YS-Tech 60mm 7500RPM on my SK-6 and a blue orb on my vid card, needless to say my PC emmits a nice hum. :D
  4. UofEEE

    UofEEE Guest

    I just ran across this AMD Builders guide, and it says that intake fans at the bottom do no good...however, that's all my current rig has....hmmm....
  5. Jewelzz

    Jewelzz OSNN Godlike Veteran

    Blah, it does a should see all the dust bunnies in there :D
  6. Tbird94sc

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    i got a 120mm 131cfm fan for an intake in the front of the case, i got 2 80mm 98cfm fans in the middle of the case blowing the air from the 120mm back over the cpu and memory. i got an 80mm 98cfm on the heatsink, and i got 2 80mm 98cfm fans for exhaust. this sounds like a f-14 tomcat ready for takeoff. i have also 2 more 120mm 131cfm fans that i am installing in the door of the case right next to my window
  7. Tbird94sc

    Tbird94sc Guest

    front fan
  8. idon

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    I've got 2 case fans, one in front and one in back that stay fairly quiet, but my cpu fans sound like a windtunnel so what i did is set up a switch to vary the voltage going to the fans so they slow down, now i can't even notice when its on.
  9. Smokie

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    Townsville, Qld, Australia
    I have a Lian Li P65 that has the normal two 80mm fans in the front and one 80mm fan at the back. But I have put a 80mm exhaust fan on the lower side of the window and thinking of putting a 90mm exhaust fan on the top of the case as well.

    I also have a 90mm fan on the Zalman heatsink and there are two fans in the Enermax PS. But there isn't much noise even with all these fans. Keeps the temp of the P4 2.0GHz down to 30c idle and 36c underload

    But here in the Philippines, where it's either hot or hotter, need all the cooling I can get.
  10. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    120mm intake on the front. Two 80mm exhaust. One slot fan under vid card. Volcano 7 on CPU.
  11. Badtz Maru

    Badtz Maru Guest

    dont have any :cool:

    p4 rules :p
  12. stuy_b

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    I got 4 fans in my rig, 2 sucking in from front(1 of which blows over my two MaxtorD740X's) and two sucking out at the back.

    Quite noisy enven though the fans are Evercool quiet fans.

    I've also added acustic matting to the entire inside of my case, very fiddly and ackward to do, but has dropped the noise level afair-bit.

    I think water cooling is the only true quiet cooling system, but water+electrical PC components soud alarm bells in my head, so I wont be doing that!!

    Am now thinking of modding my case with afew switch's to turn off each fan independantly.....not sure yet.
  13. Tbird94sc

    Tbird94sc Guest

    Water does not conduct electricity. Only the impurities in the water do. Distilled water has all of the minerals and impurities taken out if you buy good distilled water. you can drop your motherboard in a bucket of distilled water and run the computer with no problem. water cooling is safe, easy, and effective, especially if you go for a koolance case. There are kits out there that are so easy to install. once your good at it, you can build your own water cooling kit. ive got the koolance water cooled case on the way. Not bad for $200 for a case and complete water cooling kit.
  14. naheed

    naheed Guest

    i have a?

    i have an athlon 1700+ overclocked to a 2000+ and it is sitting at 38 degrees. The case is sitting at 25 degrees. I have the volcano 7 and 3 case fans running.
  15. Bytes Back

    Bytes Back Ex Police Chief

    Just the one slowed down to make it quiet.
  16. JJB6486

    JJB6486 Retired Mod Political User

    West Lafayette, IN, USA
    One 80mm intake (bottom front) and one 80mm exhaust (back, about the middle of the case). Spire SuperRock heatsink/fan

  17. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    I slotcoolet is sufficient for me
  18. Zedric

    Zedric NTFS Guru Folding Team

    Oh I'm pretty sure that the dust and any "loose chemicals" on the motherboard are far enough to impurify the water enough to fry the board. You don't need much impurity you know. This is pretty sensitive equipment.
  19. Tbird94sc

    Tbird94sc Guest

    I meant in theory. i did not say to go and do it :)

    and if the motherboard was perfectly clean, you could do it
  20. E-Man

    E-Man Guest

    I use 4 case fans. One in front, two exhaust in the rear and one HD fan. Stays pretty cool 38'C at idle, 45-48'C hard gaming. That doesn't include the one on the Vid Card or the CPU.