How do you uninstall a printer driver (Lexmark)?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SysProg, Feb 13, 2004.

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    I have what appears to be a corrupt printer driver installed on an XP Home system. How can I uninstall it short of reformatting the drive and starting over?

    My daughter has a Lexmark Z705 Inkjet attached to a new eMachine (I know - first mistake ;) ) that is running XP Home. When I installed the driver from the CD-ROM that came with the printer, it threw up a run-time error dialog and then displayed the "Print Test Page" dialog. Anytime you try to print the driver bombs. Also, if you reboot the printer disappears from Device Manager.

    I don't have a way to get the details for the error as the computer is 150 miles away from me.

    Can I simply install a new driver that I just downloaded? I'm thinking that it may be better to uninstall the corrupt one first but can't figure out how to do so.
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    Well... installing a new driver over the old one shouldn't cause problems. But, if you want to uninstall the old driver, you'd probably have to be lucky enough to have the printer shown in device manager long enough for you to uninstall it.
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    Open control panel, select add remove programs, select anything from lexmark and uninstall them one at a time. Close control panel.

    Click the Start button, click printers & faxes, right click the offending printer, click delete in the pop up menu.

    Turn off the PC, disconnect the printer. Start the computer.

    You (she) should now be able to do a clean install.

    READ the instructions. Some drivers require you to run the install before plugging in the printer port connection, especially on USB devices. If you don't follow the correct sequence hosed installs result!

    Follow the instructions this time and it should be ok. (Check the CD for a readme file if there are no printed instructions. Instructions are also often hidden on the cd case or sleeve.)

    Alternate approach - tell your daughter to be nice to at least one nerd.
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    Alternate approach - tell your daughter to be nice to at least one nerd.

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    lexmark uninstall

    go 2 lexmark homepage!download uninstallprogram,as well as a new driver.
    It workt 4 mee.