how do i restore explorer.exe???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PlagueWielder, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. Hey

    I tried to change the "Start" on my start button using the method on the post on the Tweaks page and I didnt do something right (dont know what) and now explorer doesnt load.

    I tried going into safe mode and nothing either, so I manually told it to run system restore which didnt restore it either.

    So, does anyone know how I can fix this???

    Thanks in advance
  2. ilya37

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    The "How to Hack Start Meny" has typos....

    Well, I'm not sure how to change the explorer.exe back to its original, other than use the back up files and and try to reverse some of the steps... but I know why it might not have worked on your computer. The tutorial has some typos that you probably did not pick up on, that's why it did not work. I came across the tutorial today and was following everything fine until Step 18, which did not make sense at all. What it should be is this... first of all Explorer.ex2 should be Explorer2.exe, which is the reshacked file we created in Step 13. Same goes for Step 24. Then, the tutorial makes an impression that one has to save explorer.exe as Explorer2.exe right there on Step 18 in C:\windows, but in fact this is what you do in Step 19 on... In other words, Step 18 should have been: Now we are gonna replace explorer.eve with our reshacked exporer2.exe to do that... Step 19 Restart the computer... etc. Hope it helps...
  3. anyone???

    will a repair install of xp do the trick?? if it would, will it delete anything on my comp (files etc...) or just replace the windows files??

    also, for the repair install, do i just insert the xp cd and instead of install from the beginning i chose "do a repiar install"???

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    there should be an explorer.ex_ on your XP-CD in the i386 folder...
    copy that to your hd and rename it to explorer exe...

    That should work
  5. yoyo

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    First system restore could not work because you excluded explorer.exe from system restore by editing filelist.xml, a step that is absolutely not necessary in my opinion.

    You should have a backup copy of the original explorer.exe file. Boot to safe mode with command prompt and replace your not working file with the original again. There may be also a copy of explorer.exe in C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386 if you have installed SP1 and did not change or delete this one.

    In case you don't have a backup, you can extract the file from your XP cd using msconfig. Just copying and renaming the explorer.ex_ will NOT work.

    Open Taskmanager (ctrl + alt + del), click file > new, in the window that comes up type MSCONFIG and press enter.
    In msconfig click on "Expand File". In the new window type in the three fields:


    (assuming D is the drive letter of your cdrom drive. Make sure you have the Windows XP cd in the drive, and it is the right one. If you have Servicepack 1 installed, it must be a slipstreamed cd or a Servicepack cd.)

    (assuming Windows is installed in C:\Windows on your computer)

    Click on "Expand" and restart your computer

    Of course the entries in red should go in one line each. Unfortunately it seems not to be possible to post such simple things correctly here because of bugs in the forum software.
  6. thanks for the help but I already performed a repair install, this thing deleted my sp1 install and all my tweaks :(