How do i remove msn messanger ? And 10% Bandwidth question

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by psx2000, Dec 2, 2002.

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    Ok first how do i remove msn from my system? I remember someone posting a command u put in the RUN LINE and it took out msn commpletley.

    Also i read that windows reserves 10 percent slack of your Bandwidth and there was a way to stop it so windows dont hold back 10 percent. How do i do this?

    Thanks your help is much appreciated.
  2. brodie

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    try this to remove messenger:

    Go to Start/Run, and type: "rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection BLC.Remove 128 %SystemRoot%\INF\msmsgs.inf"

    without the ""
  3. brodie

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    Perth, Australia
    Found this on as well, although not sure it actually does anything!!

    This is for broad band connections, though it might work for dial up.

    Make sure your logged on as actually "Administrator".
    Start->Run->type gpedit.msc
    Expand the "Local Computer Policy" branch.
    Expand the "Administrative Templates" branch.
    Expand the "Network Branch".
    Highlight the "QoS Packet Scheduler" in left window.
    In right window double-click the "Limit Reservable Bandwidth" setting.
    On setting tab check the "Enabled" item.
    Where it says "Bandwidth limit %" change it to read 0.
    Effect is immediate on some systems, some need to re-boot. This is more of a "counter what XP does" thing. In other words, programs can request up to 20% of the bandwidth be reserved for them, even with QoS disabled.
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    I have at home a link that will take care of this. I have three systems running XP pro and used it to remove MSN from two of them it works like a charm. when I get home in the morning I will post the link.
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    Got to this link and follow the directions. It will unistall MSN from XP but make sure you use a text editor like note pad not Word
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    If you have XPSP1 you can do all of this through the nifty new program manger that allows you to add/remove (almost) ALL Windows components, including Messenger. I have not had any problems using this method. I also used it to remove MSN Explorer and IE6 (P.O.S.!).