How do i open this file?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by scottgod, Apr 5, 2002.

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    Hi Guys, Not sure of the correct forum but hopefully somebody can help. I have an iso file that i cant open. When I click the file it opens a box that disappears very quickly and I cant read what it says. I have tried to burn the file to cd with nero. I get the same file and the same result.

    Any advice appreciated.

    Cheers Scott
  2. is it actually an exe file? thats what happens when executables aren't actually complete. just the other day I got an iso (for backup purposes :) from kazaa. it was called *****.iso.exe. Of course, to burn it, the file had to be converted to the .iso file type. Since I am relatively dumb at that kind of thing (just found out how to take a screenshot) I took the long way. I used download accelerator to download the file as a different file type from my own ftp server. I know there has to be an easier way.

    Sorry to blab.

    Basically, if it is an exe, convert it to the file type .iso.
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