How do I get the Original Retail Half-life to work in WinXP?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by OrroroMonroe, Apr 25, 2002.

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    Hello, hope someone can help with my problem..
    I have the original retail version of Half-Life from 1998 for Win95/98/NT4.0... I loading the game to play in windows XP and it wont run properly..I am sure there is a patch or update that will make it compatible and playable under Windows XP, but from the web pages I have come across, there are so many patches and updates that I am scared I will download the wrong one. I just need the one that will make my version of Half-life work..
  2. have you tried the "Program Compatibilty" feature of Windows XP?
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    There are better places, but would probably be easiest. Search for half life and get the FULL patch (not one that is an upgrade of a previous patch). Apply that patch and you should be fine. It works for millions of other people running hl in xp. If it doesn't, try for compatibility mode, but you shouldn't even have to try that.
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    go to for all your update needs for CS or HL. tons of links there.
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    Hey just buy agood games mag and it will have the hl patches and it will be alot quicker than downloading because it will be a huge file..goodluck;)
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    Does Half-Life not work in XP? I remember installing it a couple months ago when I got my GeForce 2 card and it worked fine. What happens when you run it, what do you mean it doesn't run properly?

    BTW, I have the retail Half-Life smash pack or whatever the hell it's called. It came with Half-Life, Team Fortress, and one other version (damn it's too early in the morning).