How do i format windows xp prof?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sponga, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. sponga

    sponga Guest

    I cant seem to get how to format windows. Like i have tried starting it in safe mode and than i tried also starting it in safe mode to go to command prompt but i still cant do it somebody help me please?
  2. sic166mhz

    sic166mhz Guest

    everytime i want to format my hdd under windows, i use partition magic 7. i just tell him to format my hdd, and he does the rest automatically..i've already done this with windows xp, and it works fine.
  3. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    What exactly are you trying to format, a separate partition? I had problems with Norton System works installed and trying to quick format a partition... Norton had something running in the background that had my drive locked.