how do I block computers on a network

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  1. Hey
    Im going to have a network of 4 computers, 2 desktops (XP PRO, 98 SE) and 2 laptops (98 SE, XP PRO).

    I want to block the laptop with XP PRO completely so no other user from any of the computers can access it or access it with a password (but be able to access other computers from it). Is this possible?? How??

    And also how can I disable the option to block any access on 2 computers on the network??

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    thats easy dont hook it to the network :)
  3. then how would I access the internet from it??

    heres what I want to do:
    1st comp: Laptop XP PRO: can access all 3 computers but no one
    can access it.

    2nd comp: Lapto 98 SE: Just connected to the network.

    3rd comp: Desktop 98 SE: Connected to the network and cant
    block itself (so everyone can access it)

    4th comp: Desktop XP PRO: main computer, just connected to the

    Is this possible to do this??

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    The cheap and easy way is to use XP's built in Internet Connection Firewall. It pretty much blocks all incoming traffic.
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    First any 98 se machine can be broken into. Might be a better idea to upgrade the Win 98 se to at least Win 2k. Now with that said ...
    On the Win XP Pro if you want to cut it off from anything on your network from accessing it the best way to go is not to enable any shares on it. Or if you do make sure they are by domain users only. This was when you connect to your home network no users or computers can access it. But if you use the laptop at a school or work they usually have a domain. Through the domain you can have shares but password protected and only when you are connected to the domain.
    BTW I think there might be a way to block all access by computer name and or MAC. I will have to research it more but try what I have already said if that is applicable.
    Let me know :D
  6. thanks PseudoKiller, ill give it a try once i get my network set up.