?? how do I add an app to the options offered when a cd is inserted??

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    How do I go about adding a program to the "pop up" windowsXP Pro dialog box after I insert a CD into a drive??

    For example:

    When I put a video CD into my CDRom drive a dialog box opens asking:
    VIDEO CD (E:)
    Windows can perform the same action each time you insert a disk or connect a device with this kind of file.

    Options offered:

    PLAY using Windows media player

    PLAY Video Files using RealOne media player

    OPEN FOLDERS TO VIEW FILES Using Windows Explorer


    |_| Always do the selected action


    I get a dialog similar to this when I insert a blank CD-R asking what to do with it and offering me some of the different burning programs I have installed.

    The problem is that I have 2 computers and When I installed WinDVD on one computer it was automatically added to the PLAY options, but when I installed the same program (I have 2 copies of the program, both came with videocards, and both are Identical) on the second computer the WinDVD was not added to the options.

    I want to know where/how to add a program to (or remove a program from) the offered options.

    I am assume that it is a registry adjustment, so if anyone could steer me in the direction of the correct key it would be much appreciated.
    (or is there an OPTION for this hidden somewhere in WinXP Pro??-- I have been snooping around the file associations, but this does not look like the right place for what I want to do)

    Thanks for any help/feedback.:D :D
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    Easiest way would be using TweakUI. Under MyComputer - AutoPlay - Handlers you can edit, delete and create autoplay handlers.

    The registry keys where the settings are stored are