How can update my WinXP CD to service pack 1

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by q12368c, Dec 13, 2003.

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    I have a OEM Winxp CD(not SP1),I want to upgrade the CD to service pack 1,so I no need to run MS update to sp1 after I re-install the OS. Does anyone know where can I get the update method? thk!
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    Hi Q,

    Just do a google search on "slipstreaming SP1". There are dozens of really good, easy guides available out there on how do use Nero and/or EZ CD Creator to create a slipstreamed XPcd

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    1. Copy the XP CD to C:\XPCD
    2. Copy the SP1 to C:\
    3. Rename it to sp1
    4. Go to Start>Run and type C:\sp1.exe -x
    5. Choose the location C:\sp1 for the Extracting
    6. After the extracting go to Start>Run and type
    C:\sp1\update\update.exe -S:C:\XPCD

    and that's all, Now you got an updated XP ready to install burn it and install.