How can i play my XBOX in my PC??

Discussion in 'Console Gaming' started by ghettorare, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. ghettorare

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    What type of hardware do i need to hook up my XBOX to my PC? i have a radeon 9600pro with SVIDEO Out, is that just to hook it up to a TV? or can i hook it up to an adapter that will let me play XBOX in my PC? if no...what do i need?
  2. Un4gIvEn1

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    You need a card that will accept input. I am not sure if the Xbox uses Svideo cables or RCA cables, but the card would need to support whichever it is.
  3. ghettorare

    ghettorare Guest

    ok, so all i need is a card that will support Input? how about if i have a USB adapter to connect a camcorder or DVD player to my PC, and instead i use the RCA plugs (Audio L, R, and Video) to hook up my XBOX...will that work?
  4. AlphaGremlin

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    How about you go and find out? :) If in doubt, start plugging things in.
    It should work though. Do you get sound via the adapter? If not you'll need a cable that changes from RCA to your sound-card
  5. ghettorare

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    Yeah the adaper has Svideo IN, and Video, and the 2 Audio plugs, an this adapter connects via USB...will that work? i dont have the adapter yet, just wanna make sure that it will work before i get it.
  6. AlphaGremlin

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    I must say I've never heard of such an adapter, but if they're claiming that's what it does... do you trust the store you're buying it from, or are you ordering it off the internet? Perhaps ask one of the sales people? Generally though if it claims to do something, it should work.
  7. Sazar

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    if you get an av jack for the xbox with svideo.. you can play it using your computer...

    I have an AIW card so I can plug in the rca inputs and play on my tv window on my computer... I just change reception to composite and there it is :)

    quite easy...

    iq is a little weird but a few tweaks and its all good...
  8. ghettorare

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    thanx, yeah i just bought an AIW VE and its working fine.