How can I login to my office domain network??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by q12368c, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. q12368c

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    I have trouble in login to my office domain network.
    It work in my Win98, but after I upgrade to winXP, I can't login.It say that my password is incorrect.

    do any expert can reply questiom.

    very appreciated for your help.
  2. kc7sbf

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    Make sure that the password that you used originally is the same password as you use now on XP. The user names may also have to match. I've never done an actual domain, I just have a peer-to-peer network using a workgroup.
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    ok, so you have just upgraded your 98 machine to xp. what version of xp is it?? is it xp home or xp pro?? xp home can't not be part of a domain. also i would contact your network admin because chances are he did not create an account for your computer in the domain. to join a domain the computer and the user both need to have domain accounts.

  4. q12368c

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    my xp is pro ver.
  5. If you are getting a password incorrect message then it appears to be in contact with the PDC(or BDC). Has the domain been changed for windows XP users?? If so you may have had you account password reset in the new domain. Either way, I think you should be in contact with your IT department if you are unable to log on.
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    If the computer account and user account have already been created, you should have no problems. If not, you will need the username and password of a user who has permission to create those accounts when you join.
  7. q12368c

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    I am sure the password,user name,domain name is typing correct during the process. It is working fine during Win98.
    Since I am using my own notebook to login the network that mean I can't ask my system admin. to help me ,because our office does not allow using non-company pc to logon the network.
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    If they don't allow personal PCs to be part of their domain, then there's your problem. It's not up to you whether or not the PC is on the domain. They have it set up to not allow you to join the domain... it's out of your hands.

    Bravo for them.. they have a concern for security.
  9. q12368c

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    but why I can login to the network in Win98?
    do there any modify in WinXP so that can let me to enter the domain with outside using the normal procedure?
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    computer accounts for NT 4 or higher can be made dinamically from the client computer but only members of the Enterprise Administrators of the domain (and you are not) can do that and these fashion-created accounts register also the operating system in use, computer account for legacy windows (9x) must me made manually on domain controllers and not even admins can specify the OS in use for that machine. Your IT admin must have set an account manually for your windows98 computer, these accounts are not so difficult to tweak.

    try following these steps:
    1. Remove you XP machine from any previously joined domain.
    2. Name your XP comp the same as the W98 one.
    3. Copy the exact network settings and protocols in the network connections tab.
    4. Set XP to join a workgroup named exactly as your company domain but without any .org/.com etc.
    5. Create an account on XP with name and password equal to Windows98 authorized logon and give it administrator privileges.
    6. Logon to XP using the previously created account and try to reach network locations by either using Network Places or more likely typing the exact network path ( \\remotemachine\sharedfolder ) using the Run command.

    You should be now be able to reach network shares.
    Please note though that admins can audit network access not only by username and password but also through operating system in use. If they don't like you to do this be careful.
  11. jfrayzier

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    Yes. It's not just a user issue.. the computer itself needs an account.
  12. Rootz

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    ...and that's the trick!
    XP must pretend is a 98 machine. If the corresponding computer account has been set manually and it should be as W98 computers can't be joined to a domain the way NT/2000 can then it is not able to check the version of the operating system in use... the domain only knows there is a machine with a certain name and a user on it.
    Doing as I said before should *fool* the domain (but may not work properly with some kind of permissions) because actually it's always a registered computer name with valid network settings using a workgroup (as 98 do) and a registered domain user.
    I think it's worth give it a try. Only hope the guy don't get fired for this...