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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by vishalpai, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. vishalpai

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    Hey all,

    Is there any program that will backup your Hotmail email into structured folders and with nice filenames so I could find an email in a glance??

    At the moment I manually backup my Hotmail by using Outlook Express but the filenames are that nice or organised.

  2. morpheus2k

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    If you are using OE, just move all the emails from your hotmail folder into the "Local" folder of the same name (i.e. - Inbox to Inbox). This will also prevent you from going over your storage limit on hotmail.

  3. damnyank

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    I use OE and I have created subfolders under the Inbox of OE such as HP Newsgram, WinXPNews, Canon, Symantec, my favorite - "Keepers" and others!

    Once I check out the emails in Hotmail, I right click to hilight the email, select move to folder, select the folder I want in OE and move it.

    As morpheus2k said - saves on the storage limit in hotmail and also since I usually backup my OE twice a month, by moving hotmails to OE folders also backsup the hotmails I want to keep!