hot to convert a DAT file to MPEG????

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by EMDY, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. EMDY

    EMDY Guest

    a friend broght me a burned cd in like VCD format...but i want to convert the "videos" from DAT format into MPEG format.....but i don´t know how......any help?
  2. -[xs]-mirage

    -[xs]-mirage Guest

    if its VCD, use a dvd ripper and then reencode into divx or something
  3. EMDY

    EMDY Guest

    well i don´t know if it´s really a VDC.....the thing is that the video files are in DAT format........still i can open them, but want to change format.........
  4. -[xs]-mirage

    -[xs]-mirage Guest

    TMPEnc (reencode the dat file ....)



    PM me if you need more special help.....

  5. EMDY

    EMDY Guest

    didn´t find it.....
  6. jasonb

    jasonb Guest

    just copy the .dat file into ur hard drive and it should work using wmp....if u want it to be mpg....change it into .mpg or.mpeg....either way it should work's better than reencoding for me
  7. EMDY

    EMDY Guest

    that´s the point....i want to change it to .mpeg.....but how?
  8. jasonb

    jasonb Guest

    it's already in mpg turns into .dat file so it's compatible with dvd players but it's a mpg file in the first place before it's burned into vcd....all vcds are mpgs
  9. -[xs]-mirage

    -[xs]-mirage Guest

    i think what jasonb is saying is rename the file " whateveryourdatis.dat" to "whateveryourdatis.mpeg"

    I dont know if that would work.. possible...

  10. Stircrazy

    Stircrazy Guest

    Ellecard mpeg player will play .dat files if they are ofcourse video lol

    but recomended is vcdgear it will change it to mpg and fix the mpeg buffers if need be vcdgear and vcdgeargui can be found at

    THe vcd gear gui is easier to use can be used just drag and drop i think or just browse for the file i forget now
    lil tutorial
    Both tools available at the vcdgear website tho
    hope it helps
  11. EMDY

    EMDY Guest

    Stircrazy......this program was what i needed.....thanks....thanks a lot.........good site.....
  12. PHiSHnz

    PHiSHnz Guest

    most of the time u can just change the extension
    i do that
    the file is like blahblah.dat
    just rename it to blahblah.mpg
    works fine in most cases for me