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    On the posting of this thread...

    ... kinda gave me the idea to ask you more knowledgeble people about web hosting :) I need a cheap hosting package for a small website for manily practising on but also to host a small web site that proberbly won't get that many hits. I though 300mb storage and 5-7gb bandwidth would be enough. I also need PHP (would like CFML, but proberbly won't get it) and MYSQL databases (Could use access tho). I would like to pay as little as possible, wouldn't we all, so £5 - 7 a month is my budget. Can anyone suggest a decent hosting company/ package.

    Thanks in advance! :D
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    I remember seeing really cheap hosting packages at I have no experience about their support though.
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    Might want to look at
    works out at about 5 pounds per month, but there is a setup free, althoug you can pay a year iin advance and there is no setup free, and it works out less monthly
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