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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kewlio, Apr 1, 2002.

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    I have a home network setup with file and printer sharing. My question is do I need to run a firewall since I am on the net. I am on a dial up connection. I am currently not running any firewall and im not sure if I need to since im on a dial up connection.

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    Running a home network with file and printer sharing enabled, and going on the net witout firewall protection is asking for trouble. You should download and install one of the excellent free firewalls, zonealarm or sygate if your new to firewalls, kerio or outpost or tiny if you know rules. Go to www.grc.com and test your system with shields-up, and do some reading as to why you need a firewall. You can also go to www.pcflank.com and test you pc.
  3. Its always good to have a firewall running.....i have have one (ZoneAlarm) when connecting to the net using dial-up, however,
    i don't really need it as i'm only on a 56k jobber! It is a must if you have permanent connection to the net (adsl) and even more so if you have a static ip address.:D

    Basically, if some twats trying to hack your machine over your dial-up connection then they really are a bunch of retards:eek: