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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by gryffe, Jul 20, 2006.

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    I am trying to connect to the internet on a 2nd PC using a Belkin 54g
    Wireless Network Adaptor. I have set up home network but the connection via
    the Belkin fails with "this connection has limited or no connectivity" The
    explanation is "the network did not assign a network address to the computer"

    Some background to my problem

    I used to be able to use this network, however I got a new PC which is now the main PC, the PC I am now using as the 2nd PC used to be the main PC. I also have a laptop in the network which I have set up with no problems whatsoever. All PCs are XP.
    Any suggestions/ideas gratefully received

    Thanks in advance
  2. brocher

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    go to the router and log in to it. find out what you LAN IP is for example. the goto the pc that is not working and give the NIC the same IP address . you may have to change the last set of digits to 100. Reboot machine and router and it should work as i had this problem.
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    brocher, is the router is set for dhcp that wont work long term.

    just to be clear you have one wireless router and 3 computers, two regular pc's and one laptop correct?
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    I would start by shutting everything off - High Speed Modem, Router, and all machines.

    Turn modem back on first, wait a minute or two for the lights to stabilize.

    Turn Router back on, same behavior for lights

    Machines one at a time, verify connectivity before proceeding.