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Discussion in 'Site Problems & Feedback' started by Elric, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. Elric

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    I was wondering if anyone had any tweaks, or applicational improvements for a GeForce2 MX 100/200, 32 megabyte card. It's PCI, unfortunately, because my cheap motherboard maker gave me no AGP slot. But you live on.

    Anyone know of anything that I can use to tweak the performance on it, however?
  2. [CpK]Bastid

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  3. Elric

    Elric Guest

    Actually, I found that article useful. Thank you very much, and I am going to attempt to set the clock frequency a tad higher..

    However, if there is anything else out there, I am willing to give that a try as well. I mean, I'm going to oc this mother just to get some good game performance. It's not a new GeForce4, but she'll do fine for me. I'm not a hardcore gamer, so a GeForce2 is perfect.