Hitman 2 crashes into Desktop without err msgs

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by feanor, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. feanor

    feanor Guest

    I did everything told in the readme to solve this but Hitman 2 still crashes into Desktop after showing the "Music Performed By..." screen.

    My related pc specs are:

    cpu: amd duron 900 MHz
    ram: 256 MB ram
    3d card: geforce 2 mx
    OS: win xp

    Do you have any suggestions additionally?
  2. enonemoose

    enonemoose Guest

    I downloaded the demo build 205 sometime ago and I installed and it simply went to desktop with no error message either. I never solved it and pondered it being an XP issue since I use XP Pro. I never had the time to worry about it. Oddly I just went to the website and see no demo listed (?).

    After reading your post I re-installed the demo [I had it archived] and ran it. Surprisingly I had no problem. So what has changed since I tried the demo before and now? Well, I installed XP SP1 and I updated my nVidia GF3 drivers. Personally, I think it was the nVidia drivers.

    I'm using the Det4 40.72 betas. Give it a try.

    My sys:

    PIII 750, 768 MB PC100 SDRAM, Visiontek GF3, Win XP Pro SP1.
  3. feanor

    feanor Guest

    thanks for the reply! :)

    Later I tried it with det 40 (beta) drivers, I will try it with the latest stable driver as well, but I don't have the sp1 yet, maybe it is the solution...
  4. enonemoose

    enonemoose Guest

    Just for the heck of it try using compatibility mode for Windows 2000 and the latest Detonator drivers and see if it works without SP1. If it still doesn't work then I think it's something buried in SP1.
  5. feanor

    feanor Guest

    nope, didn't make a difference... I'll install the sp1, I guess.

    anyway, thanks!
  6. Guybrush

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    Skidby-East Yorkshire
    I had the same problem with a different game - Grand Prix 4 reverting to desktop etc. Installed SP1, reinstalled the game and bingo, I'm currently fourth in the table!

    I also deleted Style XP off my HDD at the same time. So I guess it is one or the other.

    Happy gaming. You've got to play UT2003, it rocks:D