Hiding baige cd roms

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by poolmanmichael, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. What do you think would look better in a Lan-li case,

    stealth (completly hiding drives) or using the The Cooler Master AFP-U01 Aluminum Bezel


    I have been looking for days and still cant make my mind up.

    The main problem is will the AFP-U01 Aluminum Bezel match the
    li-lan Aluminum colour or will i stand out like a sore thumb ?

    Any comments would be appreciated.:cool:
  2. LoctOut

    LoctOut Guest

    IMHO........ I really dislike the way they (CoolerMaster) had to put their name all over it.

    Keep looking, you can find better without all the brand names on it.
  3. BonyTony

    BonyTony Moderator

    Stealth it is the way to go...easy to do looks great and then get hold of this tool so you can hotkey your drive to open and close as if by magic:eek: Linkage
  4. Krux

    Krux Nissan Powered

    yah I agree having coolmaster plastered all over the face is really fugly
  5. RabidPenguin

    RabidPenguin Guest

    Look HERE and you can match the bezel to your case.