Hidden folder on web server *HELP*

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SuDs, Feb 29, 2004.

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    A friend has a website up, wanted me to help him with it. so this is what happened.

    I log into the FTP site, found the directory which has the content of the website (called mainsite_html) so i wanted to copy that entire directory to my harddrive. I click on the file, drag it to my desktop, then cuteftp refreshes and that folder i wanted to get DISAPPEARS! so i was like damn, checked out the site and yet all the content is still there.

    So i says screw cuteftp and used the webbased admin file manager control panel thing. Go back to that same directory with the 'mainsite_html' folder, and it's not there! so i try loading the site again, and i can still see the website yet the folder in the directory is hidden. i tried manually typing in the path to the folder and it says it's not there.

    What is going on? and what can i do? the site is there, but the folder with all the site files are hidden. the files are there cause the quota for how many MB is used is at 9.1mb, which is mostly the site.

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    contact your host.