Hibernation, System Restore and Standby

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    I am interested in disabling these features globally within a machine. So that each user who logs in, Hibernation, System Restore, and the Standby Features would all be disabled through the registry. Any ideas?
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    Make a file that will change the registry keys to disable them in the registry.... and have this file run at the startup of each user. unless its in your AD group policies, i dont see how else to force this without doing it manually.

    EDIT.. i found this

    Applying Registry Changes

    If you have a number of registry changes that you want to make on all machines - perhaps to implement a certain setting, then the login script can do this for you.

    Simply export the relevant settings in to a .reg as normal. Then place this .reg file in the usual login script location (more information here) and enter the following command in to your login script:

    %systemroot%\regedit /s <your file>.reg

    This will import the registry file silently each time the user logs in. Combine it with the other elements available in a login script such as Windows Group, Machine Location or Operating System and you can carefully control what setting are applied depending on where the user is.
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    Hibernation can be disabled thru the Display Properties>Screen Saver>Power>Hibernation. System restore is done thru the System Properties>System Restore Tab. Stanndby Im not too sure of.