HHD become weird! need help

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jake123456789, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. I am using Samsung SV2001H 20GB harddrive, yesterday, I tutn on my hhd become over 400 GB,

    This HHD basic detail is gone, like the clylinder etc.

    How can I change it back? maybe i need it need to reprogram the HHD info, can some one teach me? let me know where to get the program etc?

    PS: I think effected by virus.

    Thanks for all of u help
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    If you don't need any thing stored on it try a format.
  3. I cant format it, cant access HHD on win98 and Winxp
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    have you tried using a bootdisk to access it from outside windows? If the drive is FAT32 then try using the windows 98 bootdisk, if its NTFS then you wont be able to :eek:
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    Try getting into your CMOS setup when you boot and see if it will redetect the HDD parameters. Maybe the bios chip lost its info. May be an indication of a bad battery.
  6. I try to use Fdisk, windows 2000 avd server demo to partition it! it wont work! I did when to CMOS to detect HHD, It can detect but, the harddrive information doesnt match the hhd information, for example Size is way to too high! it said 549914MB. ( I cnat remember now cause I am in school)

    I dont think 20GB relavant to 549914MB, THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE.
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    Hard Drive is probably fried. You will prob need a new one
  8. I got feeling need to resetup the hard drive details, such as LBA, cylander, size. Will it consider of software or wat?
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    Not sure if Samsung offer one, but companies such as Quantum etc, offer tools to diagnose and fix problems with HDD's.
    Might be worth a look at their website. Some of these tools are very powerful indeed and deal with a variety of faults.

    Failing that if you can't reset MBR and all the cables are good and plugged in correctly, the drive's probably shot (or one of the chips on it's board are.)

    Sorry mate but you may need to replace it.