Here's how to fix the wm6 bug on its windows live messenger..!

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  1. jorge_ehm

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    The following attachment will fix the bug on you windows mobile 6 device..!
    If you experience problems with the live messenger on your device such as:
    • No contacts online
    • cannot add contacts
    • and cannot change your display name
    this file will solve your problem..!


    1. download the file from the link below
    2. save it on the main storage of your wm6 device
    3. install the cab file
    4. wait until the system restarts
    5. login live messenger from the very beginning
    6. your windows live messenger should now be working!

    Click here to download the cab file..!
  2. Kr0m

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    Turtle Island
    This for real?
  3. jorge_ehm

    jorge_ehm OSNN One Post Wonder

    try it, its for real...
  4. American Zombie

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    Unless people want to join that forum (which they probably do not) you can not download the file.
  5. fitz

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    actually, the xda forums are a great place to be if you are trying to find something for your windows mobile..

    but, in case you dont' want to join that forum.. i pulled it down (hope they don't mind)

    Since the forum won't allow me to upload the cab file directly, I had to add the cab file to a zip file.. yes, I know I could have renamed and all that, but I'd rather try to keep the original file intact as it was on the xda forum.

    So, the added step to the instructions above (between steps 1 and 2) would be to extract the cab file from the zip file first.. then copy the extracted cab file to the storage on the mobile device.

    note: if someone from over there does mind the fact that I pulled a copy down and offered it here, let me know and I'll pull the file out.

    jorge_ehm: can you let me know the original link on the xda forum?

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  6. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Also an xda-developers member.

    Whats the full build?
    Currently running the stock HTC rom thats out there so on 10.6.0031.266 although I know that there is a *.*.33.* build out there and seen shots of 10.7.*.*

    I'll look at adding cab files to the allow attachments.
  7. kcnychief

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    Been meaning to join XDA but definitely can vouch for how much it rocks for mobile devices!