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    Hi there, i recently got a Radeon 9700pro 128 DDR now on 3dmark 2003 how the hell do i get 3/4fps in the troll test (first 1) and the first person 1 out in space?

    i have

    p4 2.5
    1gb DDR 2700
    Radeon 9700 Pro (using cat 3.4)
    GA-8PE667 (installed uptodate drivers)
    Windows XP home (did a complete format when installed the card)
    DX 9.0a

    is this normal? :(

    thanks for any info

  2. erm, maybe because its a DirectX 9 benchmark thus why.

    those 2 demo's Use DirectX 9 Rendering techniques and will not run well on NON Dx9 cards.

    On my GF3 ti 500 i actually got 0.12fps at one point.
  3. 2Shy

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    er Radeon 9700 pro is a dx9 card
  4. Geffy

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    thats really weird, I will test my sys and see if I get the same effect.

    Sazar might be able to shed some light on this as well

    which 3dmark2003 version are you running, the newest is 330
  5. 2Shy

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    im using the 330 version... i was pretty shocked to see i was only getting 4fps :/

    thanks for the replies!!
  6. Glaanieboy

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    I heard build 330 has some performance issues (due to the removal of nVidia/Ati optimised code), try it with an earlier build.
  7. ooops, didnt realise it was DX9 card. oh well im not sure whats cauing sych gay performance but im Sure its just because Futuremark Sucks balls.
  8. Geffy

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    Radeon 9500's and up are DX 9 cards, GeForce FX and newer (when they come out) are DX 9 cards
  9. Octopus

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    I had the same thing :) you must disable FSAA and AL ..go to Proprties>Setting>advanced
    now on both OpenGL and Direct3D set everything to "APPLICATION PREFERENCE"
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    Cheers Octo! worked great!! :)

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    I am getting ave 21 fps. U can look at my sig I don't have the fastest pc but it work's just fine with dx9.0a and 3dmark03 ver 330.