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    I need help here!
    I found out that I have this service (WMIPRVSE.exe) running on my XP Pro Sp1.
    This should enable WMI apllication to run under XP altough it has a memory leak.
    Anyway....I have never had this process running. Today I saw it for the first time! I`m worried if it is a trojan or something...maybe hiding there...
    After 10 minutes after booting up this process just go away from the list....

    WHAT do I DO?

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    i doubt its a trojan....go to ur services window. set wmi to automatic...wmi driver extensions to manual....and wmi performance adapter to manual. now go to msconfig and put a check mark next to wmi....and wmi performance adapter.

    all that will make sure that it will only run when its needed. and will prevent you from getting error messages in your event viewer...also just to be on the safe side to a virus scan with the most uptodate patterns
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    :) thanks a lot ;) will do that!