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    There are alot of bitmaps in Explorer.exe along with Text Strings, that you can change, just hack around in it and see what you can find. If you try and save Explorer.exe it wont save. Why? Because Explorer.exe is currently running on your computer and it can't save it while the program is running. So how am I suppose to save it? Well, there are a few ways to do that. One, you could save your hacked version to floppy, boot to dos and copy it.

    this is just a quote that i got from your site and my question to you is what are the commands to copy it in dos mode? i mean what do i input to make it work?

    im clueless about dos commands so i'd appriciate it if you help me out :-D
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    copy [options] source destination

    eg: copy a:\explorer.exe c:\windows

    type "copy /?" (without quotes) to see all options for copy command

    Remembre that in windows XP, there no real dos so you'll have to boot from a floppy disk
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    i still don't get it
    could you teach me step by step or show me a screen shot?

    what do i need to do first :-\