Help with server and network configuration and possibly domain name on computer

Discussion in 'Windows Server Systems' started by homesick1337, May 20, 2010.

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    Recently our company purchased a hotspot software called Antamedia Hot Spot. Below is a link to the software.

    My company informed me that they want to use our existing connection and not purchase a second cable connection to perform this task and run the software. I have read through the documents and various types of networks they suggest and am very confused.

    Is there a way to run this off the same cable connection with a seperate IP and ignore the existing network and create a second network just for this wireless server and all the customers on it without buying a 2nd cable connection.

    One of my ideas was to have the cable line connect to the modem then go out via switch to the router that runs our current network we do not want touched and the other line going straight to the wireless server.

    Can this be done and keep both networks apart? Also if I give the wireless server its own domain could that help as well? Help I am beginer when it comes to networking. Any help is greatly needed I am willing to pay for your time via paypal if you can help me through this situation. Its an emergency.

    Below is the website to the wireless hot spot software I purchased it may help you understand what I mean better.