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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Kevin, Dec 11, 2001.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    if anyone has any problems running their games with WindowsXP,let me know and I will help out. Thanks.
  2. T-Bear

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    here goes
    have the Rhythmic edge card. Installed the new WDm drivers provided by Philips. I can play mp3's and Anything with directx sound and no problems. I start to play UT and I get a fuzzed cracking sound when any effects/sounds/voices start to use the soundn card. I have to reboot sometimes 2-3 times and let UT be the first to start of it will happen again. If it comes thru good, you close and restart it will crackle again
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    I'm not really sure what to do. you may need a new sound card, though-at least that is what is sounds like to me. I do know that windows has a site for updates, but I am not too sure of the address, sorry. The best thing I can tell you, Is to Go to yahoo! and lok for windowsxp updates, and problems. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  4. T-Bear

    T-Bear Guest

    its not the sound card it only happens in the Unreal Tournament game. Not Quake3, 2, or Max. Its got me stumped too
  5. OK, follow me:

    Pentium III 800 MHz Coppermine
    ASUS P3V133 Motherboard
    Maxtor 15 Hard-disk 5400 RPM
    17" Samsung 750s
    512 MB RAM 133 MHz "generic"
    Sound Blaster Live Value
    Viper II Z200 32 MB with S3 Savage 2000 chip
    ASUS DVD-ROM 12x
    HP 8200i CD-RW
    US Robotics 56 K V.90
    Ethernet adapter 10/100 MBit
    Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro w/ 2 USB ports
    Optical Intellimouse Explorer USB
    Gravis Gamepad Pro USB
    Microsoft Wheel w/ Force Feedback USB
    Espon Stylus Color 850C
    Floppy Disk 1.44 Mb ( i could not let this out of this such detailed list)

    Now, my question is:

    What are the best drivers for Windows XP Pro for each of my devices?

    And another one:

    I have installed Windows XP Pro and since then I cannot run Counter Strike (HL Mod) on OpenGl w/1024-768 as I used to w/ Windows ME. When I try to play, a blue screen appears telling me that it is paging to the dump file!

    Please help me! I think it's Viper II problem.


  6. T-Bear

    T-Bear Guest

    Got it fixed. There seems to be an issue with the directsound and UT. I turned the directsound off in UT and it stopped
  7. UP

    Plz help me anyone!
  8. Alanmowle

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    I have enjoyed Infograme's B17 under ME. Since upgrading to XP B17 will not load, under any circumstances.

    If you can help, terrific. I have a Nvidia 2 GTS 32 MB DDR, and 384 of RAM. IGhz Pentium 3 on an ASUS motherboard.
  9. T-Bear

    T-Bear Guest

    Have you tried the compatibility mode???

    If not, put in the setup disk, dont let it autostart. Go to the drive that its in and right click on setup, click on properties, then click on comaptubility tab. set it for 98 98se ro such, Alot of times this will work.
  10. I have tried w/ compability mode and nothing changed. I mean, the game will not run in OpenGl.

    If you are having problems with nVidia, try downloading the Detonator drivers, get it at
  11. existenz

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    use Direct3D like me :D
    heh, it rhymes :)