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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by grrosey, May 8, 2002.

  1. grrosey

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    Hi. I need some help with the creation of a logon screen for XP. I read through the tutorial on the site, but I'm lost on a few things. For one, what do you do after you save the file as a .psd? Where and when do you import that into it? That is my MAJOR question of the hour. Thanx ahead of time.
  2. grand mufti

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    aaa what r you savein as a psd?? and what app are you usein to build your logon?
  3. grrosey

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    in the tutorial, it says to save the main background pic as a psd, and i'm using logon loader
  4. Chief

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    grrosey, I just finished reading the tutorial myself, and I can't see any reason that you would have to save any of the images that you are planning to use in your logon as a .psd file, as XP will only allow you to use .bmp files in the logonui.exe. I saw what you read and I just don't understand it.

    I have made a few logons and I have never once save any of my images as a .psd file (and yes I used photoshop to edit them). I saved each image as a .bmp file then used reshacker to insert them into my logonui.exe. I would like to mention that I have tried to insert .psd file into the logonui but it wouldn't accept them.

    So my suggestion would be to ignore that one (and only that one) step in the tutorial and save as .bmp instead of .psd at that point. Then follow the rest of the tutorial because it does work. ;)
  5. grand mufti

    grand mufti Guest

    chief is right about the PSD files saveing thing and you should use reshack its way easzier to use and youll learn more if you need any help just drop me a line e mails in the sig laters