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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Moejoe, Oct 4, 2002.

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    Whats up everybody !
    so without any intros let me get to the point i was downloading a large avi movie file from a friend and the connection got cut off my download manager screwed up and wouldnt allow me to resume the download, about a few megs short of the whole thing , i know that you cant play avi files that arent complete in contrast to mpegs and asfs, so what do i do with this file , is there any hope of making any use of it or do i erase it and start over (please put in mind that were talkin a dial connection on a 600mb file here!) so id really like to preserve it, any help would be really appreciated!
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    Hrm... if this was downloaded with the internet explorer downloader then i think you have very little chance of recovery... i experienced this same problem so i switched to a downloader which is capable of pausing/resuming downloads... (e.g. Getright, Fresh Download, Download Accelerator e.t.c)

    Your only chance would to probably have a look in the "Temporary Internet Files" directory and see if the file is still there, but windows usually clears the unfinished downloads...

    hrmm.... the only thing i could really suggest is to download again... with a better downloader
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    Get Some broadband!!!!
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    This might do it

    play incomplete divx files