help windows .net rc1 and jetico bestcrypt

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Majestic12, Sep 24, 2002.

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    For the life of me I have been trying to get bestcrypt to work with windows .net rc1, it works partialy it creates a container but then windows doesn't reconize it. I tried manualy mounting it and then fiddleiung with computer management in admin tools but no luck.

    Anyone have any luck, or know something I don't?

    Running: Windows .Net RC1 Standard Server
    Jetico Bestcrypt 7.07.7

    ---> If anyone can figure out how to get bestcrypt to work with windows .net rc1 standard server email me and I will give you $20 bucks and my admieration. <----
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    What file system do you use? NTFS or FAT? If you are using NTFS, you may have created a small container which does not have enough space for NTFS filesystem structures - minimum size required for NTFS is about 1.5 MBytes. If your create larger container, there should not be problems with NTFS formatting. Just a thought.
  3. Majestic12

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    I tried on 3 machines: 2 are running NTFS and 1 is Fat32.

    I usaly create contains about 20gb in NTFS and 4gb in FAT.

    On all three of my machines I have four 120gb hard drives: 3 are are 98% empty and the 1 has my installation files on it and it has 90% free space.

    I have tried creating containers as small as 1mb up to 80gb and no luck.

    Incase you are wonder I use the machines as file servers (ftp and web )

    System stats:
    dual 2ghz
    hd: 4x120gb
    cdrw: 8x4x32