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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by M1ke, Dec 21, 2002.

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    somehow i got a virus i removed it but it deleted my i need someone to post a link to this file or email me it for windows xp home edition i cannot run any exes without this file any help would be greatly appreciated

    my email is
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    Are you sure you miss the file I searched two installations of XP-Home and this file seems not to be part of Windows. Neither knows Google anything about it.

    See if this helps, otherwise give more details.;en-us;q311446

    Restart your computer, press F8 at the Windows XP Startup menu, and then select Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
    At the command prompt, type regedit, and press ENTER.
    If the registry key
    is set to
    C:\recycled\sirc32.exe "%1" %*
    your computer is infected with the W32/SirCam worm virus.
    NOTE: If this registry setting is anything other than
    "%1" %*
    your computer may be infected with a different virus.
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    im pretty sure..

    hy man thanks for your help ill just copy my 30gig folders to some other hard drives and reformat thanks for your help and the time u took searching
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    maybe try to do a system restore of a repair install of XP