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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dadx2mj, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. dadx2mj

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    I dont know what is going on here. My system just randomly reboots itself. sometimes every few seconds sometimes it will go for an hour without doing it. Here are me specs

    Soyo Dragon +
    XP1700+ at default now with Alpha 8045 cooler
    256mgs Crucial PC2100 had a stick die last week waiting for rma
    40gig Maxtor ATA133 hdd
    Lite On 24x briner
    Pioneer 16x Slot load
    Aopen 400watt Power supply
    Onboard sound and nic
    XP Pro SP1

    I have it set to not restart on error and it is giving me no errors at all sometimes it does it when I am doing something sometimes it reboots when it is just sitting there. I used Ghost to restore my OS partition but this did no good hence I am thinking it it hardware related. I have moved my one remaining stick of ram to different slots and reseated the vid card which is the only add on card in system. Also have reseated all ribbon and power cables. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.
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    Try another power supply
  3. syn

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    dad, did you have your comp built? if so, check your power connection to the mobo, it might be loose...if that doesn't fix it, check the processor and cpu use in trying another ps if its something simple like that.
  4. Luna64

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    I had a problem like that with my Soyo Dragon Ultra, and it turned out that tha RAM was the problem.

    My PC would just restart for no reason.

    Also make sure your using the latest drivers and BIOS from the soyo web page.
  5. dadx2mj

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    Thanks for the replies. I have reset the power cord to mobo. The CPU fan is blowing a hurricane so I think I am good there. I am really suspecting the ram. I bout two sticks of Crucial at the same time and one died last week I should have the new stick here by Wed. if it works good I will send this remaining stick back. Thanks again and if anyone else has any thought I would still appreciate hearing them
  6. Eck

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    What kind of RAM were you using? I'm wondering because I just purchased that motherboard, a P4 2.4 GHz, and 512 MB Samsung DDR 3200. I hope it will work. And did a BIOS update fix your RAM problem?
  7. Luna64

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    Samsung is a good name so I doubt they will give you any problems. I really dont remmeber who I got this RAM from. It was some time ago off some site.

    The name on the chip is hynix, and it's made in Korea. I have seen the same name on Crucial memmory ( I think ), or maybe it was Kingston.

    Right now I am using a 512mb/DDR333 stick of Corsair which I got a Fry's.

    As for the Bios update, it did not fix the problem with the Ram.

    This is all for the Pentium 4 version of the Dragon Ulta.
  8. Hipster Doofus

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    Clutching at straws here. Have you set it to turn off in the bios if it gets over a certain temperature? Have a look & see if there is a setting & what it is set too.
  9. dadx2mj

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    My bios has no setting to turn off at a certain temp. Only a shut off if the fan rpm drops below a certain. I also have a LCD temp probe and it has now gone over 42c.

    Now it is really getting weird. Just as abruptly as this thing started it seems to have stopped. The first time I was aware of the problem was about 3am when I heard it reboot. It did it probably 15-20 times between 3am and 11am when I had to leave for a bit. I opened a web page and left it there so I could tell if it rebooted while I was gone. It is now 5:30pm and it has not done it since 11am. Not sure what is going on here but I am keeping a watchful eye on it. I have also done a full system virus and Trojan scan and found nothing.
  10. jcs83md

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    Perhaps it's a motherboard issue. Faulty Motherboard, RAM, Power Supply are the top 3 components to check out when your computer randomly reboots. Also, check the event viewer under Administrative Tools, perhaps that could shed some light on the problem.