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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by skamaraju, Sep 15, 2004.

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    My Mobo chip burned and I have to buy new one. I have a Pentium 4 1.7MHz 256KB cache, 400MHz process. I have decided to buy ASUS P4P800 deluxe based on reviews in Does my processor work on this board. I will get a new processor soon. Thanks.
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    According to the specs the processor should work although the board only supports up to 400mhz FSB. so if you wanted a faster chip your options i believe are pretty limited. i think the highest 400 mhz chip is 3.06 ghz, however i think the newer processors can clock down to slower fsb speeds. that area is not my expertise, but i know others on here are quite versed in the "newest technologies". They can shed further insight to your inquiry.
    hope this helps.
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    if you consider going with an 865/875 setup it is probable you are going to have problems running it with your cpu...

    it might be betterr getting a socket 478, 845 chipset mobo rather than 865/875...

    or check up your cpu information in detail and correlate it with the compatability of the board you want to get...
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    skamaraju skamaraju

    Thanks for your replies.