Help please: VGA out to a TV

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by paul123, Jul 25, 2002.

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    Trying to connect an XPPro powered HP Omnibook xt6050 laptop to an LG Flatron television using a standard VGA cable. (The TV has a built in VGA port - standard monitor cable connect to PC.)

    Bloody thing works fine while WinXP is booting - can see image on both laptop screen and TV. Once Win boots - no joy!

    This worked before on another laptop running Win98...

    TV requires VGA-in 640x480 @ 60 refresh with 256 colours. The display properties don't allow me to choose this setting for the second monitor. Lowest colour setting is 16-bit... Have tried various XP VGA drivers, including generic television, standard VGA, etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Zedric

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    True, WinXP won't go below 800x600 normally. If you press F8 before WinXP loads and select Activate VGA mode, you will get 640x480x256 in Windows. I'm not sure if any acceleration is active so there could be problems if you need that.

    Btw, don't you have a TV-out connector on the laptop (SVHS or composite)? If so, use that instead.
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    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, had already tried that, which results in no display on the laptop display panel, and still no luck with the tele. (The HP support people say that they're built-in screens "don't support VGA mode as well as they should...")

    If I had a TV-out connector, I'd use it of course, but HP in their wisdom only include TV-Out ports on their "home line" of laptops. I guess they think professionals don't have a need for these kind of things...

    Guess will end up buying a VGA to S-Video converter at some point.