help on counter strike game need help bad

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by love monkey, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. love monkey

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    hey this is my problem now i got the driver for my video card i got a "ati all in wonder 128 rage pro" now it made my ak its a gun on coutner strike wel it made the gun look fat do u guys no why?:rolleyes: :confused:
    there a pic of my gun on the mesange
  2. max

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    Heheheh fat ?

    What resolution are you running ?

    are you in OpenGL ?

    can you show us a screenshot
  3. patrickjp

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    haha yeah I've read horror stories about the ati cards and CS
    be sure to use open gl and grab the latest drivers for your card
  4. love monkey

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  5. love monkey

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    there a picture there so you guy can checj it out i got teh new driver from teh site and it made it look fat and it runs kinda slow now too so i dont know what to do can u guys help me ?
  6. Highwind7777

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    ROFL ROFL ROFL!! that's one funny looking colt!
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    not to worry, I use the same Fat colt with my radeon, easy fix for that is to find an alternative skin for the guns. I have awesome skins for mine.. Just llok on google for counter strike skins.
  9. Highwind7777

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    If you're getting that glitch with Radeon, you don't have to...just get omega drivers from ...they're optimized for gaming(amazing FPS in CS) and it looks the same.
  10. V12Kid

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    highwind, are the omega drivers for win 98/me etc? Will they work for XP? If they do, I would love to try them :eek: